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When Dr. Johns was moving Millennium Women’s Healthcare to the Memorial Hermann Office Building on the Katy Freeway, he and his wife needed the office furniture reupholstered. Mrs. Johns says, “I contacted the company we used previously, but they told me that it wasn’t possible to do the work in only ten days. I looked into renting furniture, but could not find anything comfortable or safe enough for our patients. We have high quality pieces like wingback chairs and sofas, not standard-issue waiting room furniture. I’d already found Grand Windows through an ad in a local magazine and Caron was doing work for me in my house. I told her about our dilemma and she did some quick calculations in her head. She said, “We’ll be cutting it close, but I really think we can do it.” Not only that, but the invoice was actually lower than the one we’d received from the other company!”

“As an OB/Gyn office, we can’t shut our doors or have our patients sit on folding chairs, so we planned to use our own dining room chairs while the work was being done. Caron generously offered to have the Grand Windows truck pick up the chairs at our house, unload them at the office, and then remove the pieces to be reupholstered.”

“About two days before the furniture came back I started to worry that the wrong fabric would end up on the wrong pieces because the work was being done so quickly. There was no need to worry…Caron’s a miracle-worker! We had different vignettes and areas, so there were five different fabrics that we’d chosen…and every single piece was done perfectly!”

“If you had seen the waiting room at 7am Thursday morning, you would not have thought it was possible to be ready to open by 8am. I still don’t know how Caron managed everything…she’s amazing! Due to construction we lost A/C and power for a bit, but Caron never lost focus. My husband in his hospital scrubs and Caron’s husband Cande hung the pictures, Caron and I arranged the furniture, and when the first patient arrived, the man from the cleaning company was still running a vacuum. Only a few small pieces arrived the next day, and none of our patients even noticed they were missing. Our waiting room is gorgeous!”

“Many of our patients have been coming here for years, so they’ve seen our furniture with new upholstery before…but this time we’ve had so many compliments. In fact, the very first patient who arrived opened the door, looked around, and said, “It’s magical!” We wanted to “Wow” our patients…and thanks to Grand Windows, we did!”

Transforming Bland to Grand