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Restorative Upholstery & Luxurious Bedding in Rosenberg, TX & Surrounding Area

Adorning your home with high-quality upholstery fabrics and the latest in sumptuous bedding, we tailor your selections into a gorgeous home reflecting your design preferences. At Grand Interiors and Window Fashion we tastefully marry classic patterns, modern textures, and your favorite colors of fabrics capturing your selected style while rejuvenating your furniture. Discover how we infuse comfort and intrigue into your living environment.

Please Send Us a Photo of Your Upholstery for a Complimentary Estimate.

newly upholstered stool


Usher in a newness to the furniture you already have – your favorite chair, dining room chairs, heirlooms, antiques. From selection of the type of fabric, to the density of new foam for seat cushions, to making of tufted ottomans, to the restoration services like tying springs in heirlooms and re-tufting antiques, step by step, we concentrate on doing your job properly. We have multiple upholstered headboard and bed designs to cover in durable performance fabrics of various textures or in any fabric or leather you desire. Put some excitement back into the room – with a trustworthy professional leading the way, it’s easy.

Learn More About the Following Upholstery Services & Fabrics

Performance With Exciting Options

Your outdoor spaces and indoor entertainment areas can have carefree luxury. That is not a misnomer! Solution dyed indoor/outdoor fabrics have emerged as the active home’s lifesaver for living fearlessly with comfortable fabrics that are fade resistant, mildew and mold resistant, and bleach cleanable. We make indoor and outdoor lounger pillows, couch cushions, indoor and outdoor shower cornices and curtains, and patio throw pillows with these fabrics of every color, print, and texture but truly high performance.


When remodeling sometimes color changes are in order or the new room speaks to include new design elements such as a more cosmopolitan look or a more rustic look. Sleek modern metallic fabrics may be in order. Leather may be the perfect pick combined with studs or other natural fibers. Our in-store team is phenomenal at seeking out what is soul stirring for you and putting together colorways from which to make final decisions.

Furniture & Bed Frames

We construct bed canopies and frames as well headboards and footboards. We upholster them to your  liking.

bedroom upholstery


Ensure your bedding reflects a sense of calm and personal indulgence with our custom design coverlets, bedspreads, or duvets. Styles range from contemporary to classic. The myriad of fabrics in Grand Interiors and Window Fashion’s Rosenberg, TX textile library, are exciting to select from and appoint to your bedding set. We will be sure to please as we focus on you. Step by step we will put together the dimensions and plans for your shams, Euro’s and decorative pillows to complement the main bedding.

Our Bedding Services Include the Following

Custom Bedroom Designs

Truly unique and intriguing is the description we are looking for when we put the finishing touches to your most personal room. Designed to be restful, comfortable, and a haven to enjoy as you fall in bed.  Think of this room as the most important for you! We need insight. What art style do you like? What dynamic of color are you drawn to? What do you like to sink your feet into when getting out of bed? Do you like no light, soft light, or light upon command? Many thoughts need to go into your quest for the room you probably have left for last. Let our interior designer help you get started.


Bedding is more than coverings. The total package of a sumptuous set of comfortable sheets, a downy comforter to pull up on a cold night or a light throw if you prefer, and the perfect pillow to sink your head into. These are the basics. We have luxury bed linens you will love. The next layer of the well-appointed bed is the outer covers which, dependent on your preference would be a spread, a comforter, or a duvet all of which we make custom to fit your bed but more importantly to your specifications on thickness, weight, type and color of fabric, and how it works with all of the above.


Whether you like multiple pillows or not, is a decision you make. We make beautiful shams that fit the bed pillows and can be with trim or no trim. We complement the bed with striking Euros that usually go behind the shams, and we can make any shape and style of decorative pillow. Minimalists may say no to the fuss of all those pillows but others may say they are icing on the cake so to speak.


Some headboards are definitely the focal point of a room but they don’t have to be. A simple headboard, upholstered, or not, may be in order to feature the beautiful art above the bed in an impactful way. Upholstered headboards, when classically made, may be appointed to be the focal point, showing off handsome textiles and represent a style for the room. For children’s rooms fun headboards are intriguing to work from in the room’s master plan. Tailored headboards with natural fabrics, even leathers, and subtle hues can anchor a relaxing feel for the room.

Trust Us for Inspiring Upholstery & Bedding in Richmond – Rosenberg, TX

Custom upholstery for your furniture and bedding offer a level of detail and personalization you won’t find from off-the-rack bedding products. At Grand Interiors and Window Fashion we are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients and work closely with you every step of the way from consultation, design, fabricating and then, the final installation and reveal. We provide style, comfort, and satisfaction to our clients. Speak with our team today to discover how our bedding and upholstery services can personalize your home.

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