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Tile & Flooring So Many Options Rosenberg, TX

One’s first attention when entering a room is the grounding presence of stylish functional flooring, or the need for it. If looking for flooring, avoid being overwhelmed by the number of flooring products and stores which can cause a feeling of bombardment to the point of saying “just pick something”. Lack of help leads to a costly mistake that you may live with for a long time. Start with our approach! With every step we are with you! We ask pertinent questions to pinpoint function and your wishes. Then at our Rosenberg, TX showroom or in your home, we present ideas to pair with your decor style and colors. Our goal is to target the perfect and gorgeous flooring that flows in transition throughout the home, nicely functioning in every room. Carefully procured quality floors installed by our experienced crews at a fair price are sure to please!

msi flooring

Choose the Right Flooring Style for Your Home

Whether your home is a new build or needs updating, one of the most significant decisions you can make is flooring. Considerations to take are the cleaning, maintenance, traffic flow, moisture, budget, noise, and feel. We all want to look at the beauty of our newly installed floors and we would like them to perform well for all the attributes mentioned for many years. Let us help you do your homework!

We Offer a Wide Range of Flooring Options for Your Home, Church, & Business


Tile is a gorgeous flooring option that comes in various colors, patterns, and textures. Its water resistance makes it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, entryways and patios.


Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) perfectly combines affordability, durability and is produced to look like hardwoods and stones. For homeowners looking to upgrade their homes on a budget, it is a comfortable flooring option that offers plenty of nice choices.


 The beauty of wood is timeless. Different tones of wood species can change the whole look of a room from warm, to rustic, to sleek. Wood is best for low traffic areas but can be sanded and refinished. Borders and special installations of wood can turn the ordinary into a gorgeous room of luxury.


An array of different brands and styles gives you many reasons to research carpets as possible choices for various rooms in your home and business. Soft plush carpet, sculpted carpet, low and high pile, friezes…our list is barely started. We have the colors and variety to give intrigue to any room.


Around the world natural stone has always intrigued the eye - limestone, marble, granite, petrified wood, onyx, rose quartz, slate are stones we source. Timeless and perfect for entryways, hallways, sunrooms, entertainment areas, some in high traffic areas or seriously just any area you want to catch the eye.

Contact Us Today

Homeowners trust Grand Interiors and Window Fashion for the best advice for selection of tile and flooring options throughout Houston and the Greater Gulf Coast, TX. Our skilled design team works with you throughout the design process to ensure the finished product matches your vision. Our owner, Caron Lopez, has over 30 years of experience bringing stunning and bold ideas to life, and we’re confident we can help you, too. Speak to a member of our design team today to get started.

Transforming Bland to Grand