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Motorized Patio Screens for Texas

Grand Interiors and Window Fashion has specified and installed motorized patio screens in the Houston, TX area, and the greater Texas Gulf Coast since 2012. Now, a decade later, with over a 100 remotely controlled screens, impeccably installed by owner Candelario Lopez and his team, their clients will tell you, they are the pioneering experts at doing these installs properly and with the quality brands and motors for longevity. No matter the size or layout of your patio, you can trust the experienced team to provide the best layout, specification, install and motorized patio screens, optimizing your comfort. Speak with Grand Interiors and Window Fashion today to get started with your patio screen installation.

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What Are Motorized Patio Screens?

Motorized patio screens and shading products deliver exceptional protection and functionality. Texas heat, sun, insects, dust and even birds can keep a patio from being enjoyed. Transforming your Texas outdoor space using quality motorized screens, conveniently optimizes your outdoor space and gives you a home with more usable, clean, and comfortable square footage. Also, businesses can realize more seating to serve. Patrons enjoy eating and drinking in the protected open-air space. Our quality screens can be deployed or retracted with ease with the convenience of a remote control or home automation. Candelario Lopez, presenting innovative technology and functionality to homeowners, allows for their optimum outdoor living experience with added privacy and environmental control. 

What Are the Benefits of Motorized Patio Screens?

For our clients, their patio is more than just an outdoor area. It’s an extension of their livable space. Our goal is to ensure you’re able to maximize it with our versatile motorized patio screens. You’re in control, so whether you’re lounging poolside or spending an evening eating outdoors, you can do so comfortably. Learn more about the benefits of installing a motorized patio screen:


Open or close your patio with a simple push of the button. Their smooth and easy operation allows you to enhance your outdoor experience for you and your family.

UV Protection

Prolonged exposure to UV rays can lead to numerous health concerns. Automatic patio screens are designed to protect you and your furnishings during the hottest parts of the day.

Sized to Fit

Our motorized patio screens are specifically designed to fit the dimensions of your home. No matter how large the space is, you won't have to worry about shopping for the right fit.

Pest Protection

Bugs and other pests can turn your exciting outdoor event into a time you'd rather forget. Motorized patio screens allow you to protect yourself from the outside while still experiencing its beauty.

Smart Home Integration

Our team can integrate your motorized patio screens into your existing smart home system to give you even more control.

motorized patio screens

Beautiful Custom Patio Screens

If you want motorized patio screens, you want the company that provides the screens to be sure all the details enhance your home’s style. After a decade of experience and rave reviews, we are proud to say, Grand Interiors and Window Fashion, with Candelario Lopez in the lead of his team of installers, is the team you will want to show you all the customizable options, ensuring the right look and the right fit. Our team works closely with you to select the perfect color, mesh type and opacity to align with your home’s architecture, your personal style preferences, and importantly all functional needs. We follow a comprehensive process to ensure the right screens and installation for your home.

  • Comprehensive Consultation
  • Choose the Colors and Styles to Match Your Needs
  • Complete Professional Installation and Setup

Local Leader of Motorized Patio Screens in TX Gulf Coast

Homeowners throughout the Houston, TX area and the Texas Gulf Coast trust Grand Interiors and Window Fashion for motorized patio screen specification, layout, and installation. For over a decade, Candelario Lopez and his skilled team have honed their knowledge of installing and have gleaned best techniques with motorized patio screens and the longevity of the screens – always insisting on quality. Candelario offers full-service solutions, including consultation, design, installation and, if you choose, quarterly cleaning and maintenance for your new automated patio screens. You have the benefit of his years of experience with over a 100 beautiful installations. Let our team make the most of your outdoor space with the project consultation today.

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