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Awaken the Walls & Ceilings With Paint, Murals, & Faux Paint

Bold colors and stunning murals can dramatically transform any room in your home. You may be thinking of something more subdued – we do that too!  We listen to your project goals and then help you know what paint and paint colors to select. We also work with skilled artists to help bring your ideas to life with our special paint patinas, Trompe l’oeil painting, murals, and faux paint. Our team can help you refine your vision for your home and create a totally unique style. We are here to provide insight into every step of your project. Get started today with our great painters or our color consultant.

ceiling mural

Murals Tell the Story of Your Style

Caron Lopez has been the designer and general contractor of phenomenal projects in residences, condominiums, hotels, domes of exceptional homes, and historic homes. Whether you are choosing a simple pattern or an intricate design depicting a unique scene, we are the design professionals and artists you can trust.  Murals are a timeless way to express your personality, transforming a room’s ambiance. Let’s get a plan for any surface of your home:

  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Domes

Subdued or Dramatic. Choose the Right Paint for Your Home

At Grand Interiors and Window Fashion, trained color advisors and professional painters help you with selections for both an exterior color scheme and an interior palette for your home. Whatever color you embrace, we invite you to do so creatively and with intention, and to also realize the importance of the hues you artfully entwine. Make your complete interior harmonize, evoking a feeling of exhilaration or a sense of calmness and well-being. A discerning eye considers, also, the paint finish. There is a wide range of sheens available including flat, matte, satin, semi-gloss, and high gloss. Certain sheens are used in particular areas of a home and are used to help emphasize texture or hide imperfections.

Create Gorgeous Illusions With Faux Paint

Working with skilled and talented artists and painters, with a heritage of knowledge over many years has given designer Caron Lopez a unique confidence to have her imagination realized in many types of construction projects and remodeling jobs. From using a minimalist’s eye focusing on only a few chosen accents for a client, to incorporating the thrill of fulfilling the client’s wish for a true-to-life sculpted and painted tree in a grandchild’s two-story playhouse, to a painted fine art map on the ceiling of a home’s study, knowing what stirs the customer is imperative to spark the project. Listening and searching is necessary for fulfillment of what the customer desires. We have helped create countless stunning looks in homes throughout Texas, and we’re confident we can assist you too.

kitchen interior

Restore Your Space With Kitchen & Bath Cabinet Painting

Do you want to dramatically enhance the look of your kitchen or bathroom while saving on remodeling costs? Knowing that your cabinets contribute significantly to the rooms overall design, it is imperative to appoint the right color, its intensity, and to select the appropriate sheen. Sheen also affects the paint’s lasting protection. There is great value in the experience of a good painter coupled with the design consultant’s transformative vision.

Color Consultation

Color weaves together different elements of your home. The harmonizing palette of textiles, furniture, and art establish the emotion and drama of your design. Our specialty is integrating and refreshing the classic colors you gravitate towards with a spark of newness in keeping with good design. Our color consultants and design team carefully collaborate with you to understand your thought-out vision. Our goal is to create a truly unique look curated for your home reflecting your personality and lifestyle.

Creating a Foundation for a Gorgeous Interior Design

The right color combination is pivotal in your home’s interior design. At Grand Interiors and Window Fashion, our skilled experience team can help you elevate your home’s design. Every homeowner has a unique wish for their home that is shaped not only by dimensions, the purpose of the area, but also by personality.  Our goal is to help identify these elements and bring them to life. Tap into our ingenuity, knowledge, and experience. Speak to a professional today to get started.

Transforming Bland to Grand