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Family–Owned Interiors & Remodeling Business In Rosenberg, TX Serving the Texas Gulf Coast

The Grand Interiors and Window Fashion story is one of commitment and artistry. As a family-owned remodeling and interior design company, serving homeowners in the surrounding Houston area and the Texas Gulf Coast, Candelario and Caron Lopez and their team have earned the reputation as providing high-quality craftsmanship, innovative design, and quality products. Whether your home is filled with active children and pets, or you savor time spent by yourself, our mission is to create a space that uniquely reflects your personality and lifestyle with our custom design solutions.

open concept living room

Discover Why Homeowners Trust Grand Interiors and Window Fashion

The last 30 years have been a success, in that they have created gorgeous homes – beautiful, visual environments, representing families. Caron insists, “In my experience, the impetus of an interesting and functional home is generating joy. “That’s Caron’s forte- to define what is genuinely soul-stirring and use it in a way that her clients find intrigue and want to come home to! Caron wants you to know, “It is my joy to pursue this each day with my husband, Candelario, at my side, who has a whole other set of skills, which forge even more possibilities. Our talented tradesmen are passionate about their field and have respect for the art of their trade. These teams have worked with us over a decade, and they work seamlessly to ensure consistency and high-quality for every vision.” Learn more about why homeowners throughout the area choose us for creative interior design services:

  • Full-Service Design Solutions
  • Custom Services
  • Over 30 Years of Industry Experience
  • Design Services for Any Budget & DYI
  • Thoughtful and Skilled Approach
  • 5,000 Sq. Ft. Showroom

We’re Here for You Every Step of the Way

Whether you’re considering a minor update to the wall color in your bedroom, or want to remodel an entire home, we have boundless ways to customize to your liking. We have a 5000 square-foot showroom with the latest products, including quality window treatments, an extensive collection of fabulous fabrics, flooring options, backsplash, quartz, granite, and other cabinet tops, tiles, paint selections, and most importantly, our team of expert advisors to achieve your vision while being mindful of budget and timelines. Let our team give life to any phase of your project, from consultation or design to fabrication and installation.

Exceptional Interior Design Services for Your Home

Are you looking to enhance the interior of your home? The design professionals at Grand Interiors and Window Fashion are proud to be able to be innovative and versatile yet alert to our clients, desires and goals. We are recognized for our careful listening, the quality and experience of our atelier’s and tradesmen’s workmanship and our strong commitment to our service. Speak to our team today to schedule your design consultation.

Transforming Bland to Grand