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Custom Drapery & Hardware  for the Greater Gulf Coast

Since 1983, Caron Lopez has passionately designed 1000’s of custom draperies embellished with carefully selected hardware and trims. Key to Caron’s creativity and versatility in drapery making is her mother’s influence as she was an exceptional seamstress. The exhilaration of looking at fabrics was passed to Caron as her mom taught her the content and the properties of fabrics from around the world. Caron, at the lead, her experienced team and color advisors have perfected the art of both modern and traditional drapery, accentuating any shape, size, or type of window. Creating new designs to meet a contemporary need and adapting fresh design to classic styles, is Grand Interiors & Window Fashion’s forte. In the Rosenberg, TX showroom you will find a vast array of over 35K fabrics of all colors and textures and hardware styles and finishes from which to choose. Contact or visit us today to get started.

Custom Drapery Combines Function & Style

Drapery serves a functional purpose by providing you with privacy, sound absorption, blocking light to prevent fading of floors and furnishings or allowing better sleep, or filtering light to create a room’s soft glow. Our design team, with all these factors in mind, will help you select drapery perfectly tailored to the ambience you envisioned for your home. With our world of fabrics, leather, trim and our 30 years of expertise at your fingertips, Grand Interiors and Window Fashion will deliver gorgeous draperies to accentuate the style and architecture of your home.

Two-Story Drapery

Two-story drapery creates an undeniable statement of luxury. Allow our team to address the unique considerations, including size and mechanics for operation, when including two-story drapery in your design.

Modern & Traditional Drapery

Our Modern Drapery often celebrates minimalism and clean lines and contemporary finishes. Our Traditional draperies are new and fresh designs borrowing from the detail of classic drapery styles. The perfect selection of hardware suited for your style is important aesthetically and functionally.


Cornices can provide the crowning frame for your custom drapery or can be used alone as an adornment for a focal point. When used above a room darkening drapery, it can further damper the light that comes in at the heading of the drapery. Acting as a statement piece, it can be subtle and integrated or bold and assertive.


Valances are both decorative and functional. They are the perfect crowning touch for smaller windows needing a softer look or large set of windows in a bay or a bow, which need a unified look.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are custom-made with a wide range of versatile operating systems. With an artistic eye, we create shades, utilizing various fabrics each within intriguing different effects especially when coupled with trims.

Motorized Drapery

Motorized Drapery is the modern homeowner solution to convenience and luxury. Integrating gracefully with home automation systems and mobile devices there is no need for cords and strings and safety is enhanced. Motorized, two-story drapery can give you the functionality of efficiently closing an entire wall of drapery.

living room with large windows and drapes

Choosing the Right Hardware Enhances Your Drapery

While your drapery may steal the show, your drapery hardware plays a role in “sharing that show”! Why not, we offer a wide range of drapery hardware and custom make genuine pieces as well. We are also mindful of the necessary hardware functionality. We are masters at pairing the proper hardware with your style while remaining closely focused on your taste.

Our Hardware Includes

Modern & Traditional Hardware

Selecting hardware that aligns with the overall style of your custom drapery can be a delicate, balancing act. We help you navigate through our vast selection of the many styles and finishes - sleek and modern to decorative and traditional - perfectly pairing with your drapery.


The beauty of Medallions is in the metal, wood, crystal, or even in collectables they are made from either  the factory or locally by our metal workers or artists.

Custom Metal Work

We offer custom metalwork for homeowners who want their designs to speak for themselves. Our artists and craftsmen can create ironwork that perfectly complements your drapery or even use unexpected material choices to create updated designs.

Creative Solutions for Your Home’s Windows

Homeowners throughout the Houston area and the Texas Gulf Coast choose Grand Interiors and Window Fashion for not only their extensive and the finest selection of custom fabrics and hardware in the area, but also, for their ingenuity that comes with experience of 30+years and in always being on the forefront of bold design, cutting edge technology, and original design. Speak with one of our designers today to learn more about how custom drapery and hardware can transform your home or office.

Transforming Bland to Grand