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Noble is the soul who expresses love!

Let your flirtations this Valentine’s Day cross the threshold by bringing romance into your home. With a few new, dynamic changes in a room, you can prepare for a fabulous Valentine’s Day.


Let’s start with color. When surrounded by red, it is proven that one’s heart beats a bit faster. It definitely is the color that demands attention and the color of the day. Place a soft red throw in your most comfortable seating area or add a couple of red accent pillows. Complete with a single red rose, and don’t forget a true-to-heart love note. Cuddle up and watch your favorite movie.

Pink is for babies, but it is also for babes. Pink sets a mood that calms, soothes and brings on gentle feelings. Set the table in pink and silver all on a crisp white tablecloth. Try out some new recipes that you cook together and serve pink champagne.

Chocolate is a favorite at Valentine’s Day, but consider the color chocolate in a plush comforter, pillows and silky sheets for the master bedroom. Toss a couple of deep red decorative pillows for a beautiful bed and romantic evening. Add some chocolate dipped strawberries to the bedside table.


Creating an enticing ambiance in the home is easy by dimming the lights. Add a chandelier in the bathroom or in the bedroom. A lighting store will have both pricey and not so pricey choices. Candles are a less expensive alternative but equally as sensuous. Grouping scented candles in a variety of heights and types around a bubble bath and adding a basket of aromatic oils, soaps or bath salts will create a spa-like retreat. For your evening of pampering, don’t forget the warm towels and a comfortable robe. A towel warmer is a nice indulgence and is readily available in freestanding and wall-mount styles.


Set the mood of relaxation. Destress your home by cleaning and removing clutter. First, stash the stacks of bills, papers and magazines. Strip down the room to bare essentials, and add back only a few striking items. You probably have everything you need to create a new look by using a few choice accessories from other rooms. If you find you need to buy something new and fresh, start with a vase of large, bright flowers or introduce a new fabric color with a table runner, pillows or even drapery. Accentuate the bed with beautiful hardware and bed curtains above or beside the headboard. Select a sumptuous drapery for a seating area and draw it back with a tassel.

Remember, it’s the thoughtful yet flirtatious items that are key in your new romantic retreat. It’s riches from the heart that make this Valentine’s Day memorable, not the money you spend. Have fun, be creative and express your love.

Transforming Bland to Grand