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A fresh look for your home is the reward for investing time and effort into the annual spring cleaning. If self-motivation is in short supply, borrow these ideas to get you started.

Start at the threshold and work toward the last room, and each day you will be greeted by a cleaner, fresher home.

Begin your spring cleaning at the exterior threshold that you pass through each day. Rid the area of old items. Clean or paint the door, and shine up the handles and glass. If the bottom of the door looks old, buy a kick plate; it’s easy to install will make your clean and polished door look like you bought a new one. A new mat and a colorful piece of pottery makes for an exciting entry.

De-clutter means less to clean and attention is drawn to a few, nice decorative pieces in the room.

Take away those dusty artificial flowers or trees. If shoes clutter the entrance, place a small decorative chest in which to place them. Clean the grout and reseal it in this high traffic area. Brighten the sidelights with shutters, replacing the old sheers. Exchange tired art with a new piece of art to add pizzazz.

As you go from room to room, do not get distracted with mail, memorabilia or items that belong in other areas. Do not stop to read or to sort. Make the most impact on the room as quickly as possible. Do the sit down type chores at a time when your feet are tired. Put the unsorted items in a basket, and deal with sorting later in the day. Purge the room of furniture, accessories and books.

Starting at the highest point in each room means you won’t have to dust twice.

Dust each room top to bottom. If worn floors can’t be replaced, add a colorful area rug to update the décor. Chic slip covers are used even on new furniture to shake things up a bit. When all is clean, accessorize with a throw, new decorative pillows, a flower arrangement or mirror.

Add your signature as you finish each room by adding a spark of color or an interesting accessory.

Collections are great accessories and need to be grouped. Top to bottom, purge, clean and dust. Now, add color. Kids love to work with color. Let them select a theme and color for the room. Help your teen organize their space and energize it with color

As a designer, I see the master bedroom is the most neglected room. If you need to start over with new furniture, bedspread and window coverings, you are in the norm. Budget for a makeover, and for now, add some art or a lamp for ambiance or even an accent wall of fresh colorful paint.

Get squeaky clean in the bathroom. Baths can be the most relaxing retreats. Think clean! Freshen up the grout, caulk, tile and glass. Achieve a sparkle. Fresh spring colors can be added in the towels, mats and soaps. With all of the clutter out of sight, add a vase with pretty spring flowers for a nice greeting as you get ready for the day and an interesting wall clock that fits your style. Take a look at new options for window coverings such as glass block shutters or spa-like shades.

Spring has sprung! As you spring into action with spring cleaning, you will fall in love with your home again.

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